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A Eugene, Oregon custom cabinet shop serving the Northwest U.S. since 1993. Specializing in commercial casework and displays, we partner with our customers to create custom solutions for a multitude of work environments, including hotels, office buildings, financial institutions, locker rooms, medical facilities and jewelry stores. Our mission is to provide the best possible commercial cabinetry by being responsive to the needs of our customers and continuing to be a state-of-the art facility.


In October of 1993, while working for Guild Craft Products, Inc., Andy Michaud, Sean Eilers and a third partner purchased the manufacturing division of that company, They incorporated as Advance Cabinet Designs, Inc. at that time. In 1996 the third partner sold his interest in the company to Andy and Sean.

The company started in 5,000 square feet with 5 employees, one computer, a table saw, and a planer. The following summer, the plant moved to its current location at 2555 W. 7th Place in Eugene where it occupies 17,720 square feet. Today, ACD, Inc. employs 20-25 people with a combined 200 years of experience, and has added a beam saw, an edgebander, a point to point CNC, a double head sander, a sliding carriage saw, and 15 computers!

As a commercial cabinet shop, ACD, Inc., serves contractors, architects, and institutions throughout the western states and has even had the opportunity to ship jobs to Hawaii, Guam, and Japan. ACD, Inc. has earned a reputation for being responsive and competitive in its market. We create functional and attractive cabinets, displays, and reception units. Banks, schools, hotels, medical and dental offices, jewelry stores, and other retail businesses are

just a few examples of where our products can be found.


ACD, Inc. is very proud of our growth over the years and we look forward to continued growth in technology, machinery, and in the industry.


The individuals that we collectively refer to as "Advance Cabinet Designs, Inc." strive to be the best in the cabinet making industry. We view ourselves as partners of the contractors, architects, institutions and individuals that are our customers - sharing the goal of supplying complete customer satisfaction to the end users of our products.


Customer requirements are the focus of every activity - sales, marketing, design, production, delivery, installation and support. The end result is a product that exceeds our customers' expectations.

Quality is an integral part of all of the company's processes and services - from beginning to end - assuring a quality experience for every customer. Quality begins with the very first contact every prospective or current customer experiences. Every phone call and personal contact that occurs is undertaken with the understanding that we are

here to meet our customers' needs.

We project an image of being professional, prompt, responsive, well organized and state-of-the-art. We are responsive to the needs of the marketplace, as well as to those of our current customers. We know that there is no need, in the finished wood products industry, we cannot fill.

Our physical presence and working environment is aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing while maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Safety is important to us. We meet or exceed all safety and environmental standards set forth by the government or our industry. Employees and guests are comfortable with their physical surroundings as well as with the people with whom they interact. Each aspect of Advance Cabinet Designs, Inc. exists to convey to customers that their needs are important to our business.

Having pride in the company, and being dedicated to demonstrating integrity and commitment in the cabinet making profession, we share a common passion for our work, and obtain career fulfillment through our relationship with Advance Cabinet Designs, Inc, and the customers we serve.

Using basic teamwork principles, employees are empowered to become involved in the process of producing and delivering products and services to our customers. Employees are aware of their roles in the continued success of Advance Cabinet Designs, Inc. Cross-training and understanding of the responsibilities of others is encouraged.

The end result is a mutual feeling of 'ownership' of the common goals of the company and of our customers.

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